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What to Ask Real Estate Sales Representatives Before Hiring?

Posted by admin on July 27, 2018
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If you are planning on hiring real estate sales representatives, you need to ask some questions. Asking questions would help you find the right professional from among the rest. With that, here are some questions you should always ask before choosing the agent. Remember, the best real estate sales representative in Surrey would help you, while the wrong one would only waste your time.

How much experience do they have?

Ask the best real estate sales representative in Surrey how long they have been in the business. Remember the longer the experience; the better would be the service. Since they would understand what you actually need better than the others.  New agents might be able to help you, but he might not be able to help if he has other clients in the hands. The more sales an agent is able to make, the more experience he gains.

Do they offer references?

Find from the agent if he can provide you references of previous customers. This would help you know how he has helped them and if they were satisfied. Remember all good real estate agents would provide you proper preferences, however, if he fails to provide you need to look for someone else. A good real estate sales representative would be happy to share the client details. So, ask him to provide it to you. Moreover, if the agent has several reviews online, you definitely need references.

What are the things that make him special?

You need to ask the best real estate sales representative in Surrey what things actually separate him from the others. Check if he is a good communicator and maintains communication through phone and email. Next, check if he is honest, trustworthy and a great negotiator and if he lives up to your expectations, you can easily hire him.

How much is the charge of the service?

Never ask the agent if the fee is negotiable since all real estate fees are negotiable. Usually, the agents charge from 1 percent to 4 percent to represent a side of the transaction, either buyer or seller. The listing agent would charge around 3.5 percent, while the buyer agent might charge around 7 percent.

Once you are convinced with the answers, you can go ahead and hire real estate sales representatives.

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